Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rebekkah by Leonie Bryant - On Caravanserai

After taking a peep at Day 4 of the Advent calendar, and reflecting on letting one's emotions come out of their bottles, this story came to mind.
Rebekkah lived
with a fierce desire
to overcome those issues
that dulled her spirit.
She worked so hard,
she cared so much,
and yet, from time to time
those demons came.
They crippled her inside.
It was many years
before those demons
could be given a name.
'Twas Fear and Guilt.
Now when the demons come,
they can be named
and sent off on their way.
she has changed.
She still works hard
and cares so much,
and she is free,
free from the binds
of the damage done to her.
Her spirit is free,
she is dancing through her days,
no longer responsible
for other's ills.


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